Another image from the cycling safety kid's book!


Some Illustrations for a book aimed at children aged 5-7, its an informative book about cycling safely :) MORE TO COME....


A set of Illustrations for the review section in the next issue of Bitch Magazine. Concepts for this project were challenging in places but really enjoyable too, plus the magazine is printed in 2 colours which can really effect what you do visually! 

Buy or Bake...?

....The great mince pie debate! Editorial Illustration for an article on whether baking mince pies is worth the hoo-har! 

Feeling Festive

Christmas cards (just) in time for the Magpies Market on Saturday. This December Magpies Market is going to be a right festive treat, with a tent outside serving mulled wine, lots of crafts and jewelry and 
handmade cakes and all that lovely hoo har to get you in the festive mood. 
I'll be there selling cards and prints along with card-maker extraordinaire Domini Mcmunn aka The Sweetie Van

Girl et Horse

Another print for the market :)


A new print I've been working on - something to sell at a glorious Christmas Market in December! And soon to be available in my (slightly neglected) Etsy Shop!

Boston Dig!

An old illustration of mine on the cover of Dig Boston! 

Bonfire Night!

Hope you've had a fabulous fire-cracking eve xx

Yoga'd Out

For Yoga & Health Magazine 

The Edible Sandwich Co.

A set of illustrations to adorn the menus of the lovely Edible Sandwich Co. in Arundel!


For James x


So this bearded guy came and gave me a voucher to do a screen printing work shop at the lovely Snap gallery in Bristol! I'd never done screen printing before, and although i understood the process I still found it hard to pre plan my image not fully knowing what to expect from my end result. Now I know all about it I feel im bursting with ideas for nice prints!! But anyway, this is my first attempt, really pleased with it!! Went totally bonkers and used four colours and a couple of different techniques! The work shop was led by Lucie Sheridan, who is lovely, and she made me lots of tea and there was a variety of biscuits to nibble on!! [apologies for the terrible scan]

Unrequited Love

For any one who didn't get given a framed bearded and hatted cat combo painting, 8 cans of pepsi max and an cd of dreams on Valentines day, here is a picture of a deer hugging a girl! x

Secretly Obsessed

With Owls! Im always weirdly drawn to things with owls on, so i've drawn some! x

Getting Festive x

Some unfinished Christian themed doodled ideas for Christmas time x

Me and Jesus

Christmas card ideas for Pollinger! 


So, its cold now. Recently my thoughts are consumed by Bats, Felt Boater Hats, Wrestling moves, Pj Harvey, and leaving the country without Domini for the first time in bloody ages. Which i'll be doing on Thursday this week!  Also, I've organised a solo exhibition in the new year, details to follow a little nearer das time. Most importantly i bought a Gocco Printer off ebay yesterday! Cannot wait for it to get here x