Button Hunt

Jeez, its been ages since my last post which is a bit silly. I wish I could say I've been knee deep in illustration projects. But I'm not. I have a few days off work and a very special guest is on her way to stay which im pretty stoked about, Im going to show her everything portsmouth has to offer, boy is she in for a treat!
Am currently working on a collab with the rather talented and well lets be honest, he's a hottie, James Ranson. He's started writing a story for me to shed some illustrative light on. What a guy. His work can be found right herrre 

And I'm sure you all know, Christmas is coming! I hope Santa brings me some Russell and Bromley patent loafers and a pair of Paul Smith Brogues. If he's feeling really generous he might even throw in a tweed blazer a new ipod nano and these books "Hair em Scare Em" and this one. And Santa, if you're reading I still really need that A3 scanner and anything by Luella x

Lastly here's something small that I never finished, but I promise everyone I love will get a nice hand made Christmas card this year. Oh and I got my hair cut but don't like it, Oh and dropped my phone and lost the back, oh and I need to find some new buttons for my coat, oh oh oh and I think Olly should win the Xfactor oh no wait I don't actually care cause it's crap. x

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