Heaven can wait x

I've been working my socks off lately on my book. Its coming along. Had so much to do this week and I don't think I've managed my time particularly well. I've spent too much time dipping cucumber in humous and making cards for no occasions. Lesson learnt! Very important meeting coming up next week, I've got everything crossed at the moment.  Tonight I have a tummy ache and am still cross that Alexa Chung wrote an article in Vogue about denim that was rubbish and the only reason she got to write in Vogue is because she's a celebrity, not because she has anything half interesting to say. There was also an article about poo, it asked why girls don't talk about poo very openly, and especially not to men, well it's not very sexy is it. The only persons poo I wanna hear about is Shubes's. Tomorrow I have lots to do. Saturday I am going to Bournemouth after work - woop woop! x

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