Part timing

I've had a crazy good amount of time on my hands the last week and I've started some artwork for a book that I want done in time to enter into Macmillan Book prize, which was in April last year and I'm assuming there will be one this year, at the same time. If there's not then I will just have a nice new book that one day will hopefully be published to the world. Back in the beautiful days of university I did a project on the importance of imaginative play in a child's upbringing, I wrote a story about a girl who spends a day playing indoors, everything she imagines in her head seems so true to her, she goes to bed wondering what might happen tomorrow! Its quite a sweet story, but I ran out of time before I could come up with any final artwork that I was really happy with. So, im going back to it now, its gonna be crazy good yo' :) 
Other news includes; I got a new bike, well old new bike, its a old raleigh cameo with a custom paint job. Pretty darn happy about her. Went to birmingham for the first time ever last week as well, which was big. and good. Plus im off to bristol on Sunday to spend some time with my favourite people! Andddd lastly im getting my hair cut on Friday, thinking maybe something like this? x

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