Fairs Fayre

So this is something i've been working on the last couple of weeks. Its a labour of love. I now have a claw. A nice promotional piece in time for the Bologna and London Book Fairs. It is fair by the way, i checked, fayre is like well 15th century and ting. I still have lots of work to do. Which is wonderful. I think the octopus is my favourite character. Today I got a wonderful letter in the post from one of my favourite people, she makes up one quarter of the premier crew. My room is such a mess I can't even sit at my diddy little desk at the moment I had to take over the dining room table. Any body like to buy me a studio? And that A3 scanner if been parping on about.... parp x


Vicky From The Shop said...

You're bloody brilliant, you. X

steveh1873 said...

I'm loving the F, definitely is the best, the fish and the detail on the design is badass! Well worth the effort expended. x